The price of roses varies depending on their levels! A Rose Guide (1) - Origins and Levels


Do you know that there are different levels of roses? There is a difference between premium and regular roses. Some guests ask us why our roses are so expensive, or why our rose prices are higher compared with those of the market. In fact, roses vary in quality and origins, which ultimately determine their prices.

Similarly, why are our roses more beautiful and long-lasting than other Instagram shops or stores in the markets?

The truth is, the roses you got there are not the same as ours. The world of roses is vast; there are ten thousand kinds of rose, most of which you have never seen before.

With the development of hybridization, floral farmers have complicated the type of roses. The efforts the farmers have put to extend the duration and presentation of the flowers are beyond our imagination, which create various types of roses.

Just Bloom has always been committed to use the highest quality roses possible to create our product. This post is our quality rose guide (1), which will discuss the origin of roses.




►The first level

Ecuador, Colombia, the Netherlands

Ecuador and Colombia have always been places that produce top-quality roses, which is popular among rose lovers. While the Netherlands is the global hub for quality roses. The roses from these three countries are all authentic and high-quality.

No doubt, the price of these roses is high. Why are they so expensive? Because for roses, the better climate and location they grow in, the better reputation they get, which results in better sales, more advanced management, and more scientific logistics. Our roses are genuine Ecuadorian delivered by air, so you can see that they are more beautiful and last longer. Expensive, but worth it.

Price range:$$$


►The second level


Kenya is the largest country of producing roses, and it is known for producing new varieties and colours. Many of the fancy roses that have caught the eye are from Kenya. However, since the poorer quality of flowers, along with Kenya’s immature logistics and its huge output, flowers from here are relatively cheaper compared to the top three.

✎Price Range:$$


►The third level


The quality of Vietnamese roses is generally average. Compared with those of the first level, their flower cups are smaller and the colour choice is limited. It is economical with decent quality, which is good for making most bouquets or other floral designs.

✎Price Range:$


►The fourth level


Chinese roses vary in quality, so they must be selected carefully. The low price ones usually have obvious defects, such as thin and short stems, messy branches, small cups, damaged petals and leaves, and diseases. We cannot expect cheap roses to be preserved in good conditions. People get what they pay for, so if you only have a budget for Chinese roses, you cannot expect them to perform surprisingly well.

✎Price Range:$


Same red roses, different reactions. Do you think casually sending roses can easily win people over? The truth is simple: high-quality imported red roses are bigger in size and taller in length. They can stay in bloom for half a month, representing a higher taste. Whereas Vietnamese or Chinese red roses can bloom for five to seven days at most, if they are fresh. In the worst case scenario, if you get even poorer quality red roses, the recipient may have to discard them on the same day.

Just Bloom is committed to use the freshest and highest quality Ecuadorian roses as our design materials. We always check the quality of roses before shipment.

The following are the actual photos of top Ecuadorian roses and Vietnamese roses:



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