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Intellectual Property Rights

All Just Bloom’s software and content (which includes any texts, audios or music, videos, photographs and images) are intellectual property works of Just Bloom. Thus, they are protected by intellectual property rights, copyright laws and the terms of international conventions. All software and content are owned by Just Bloom, and can only be used for non-personal and/or non-commercial purposes with the express permission from Just Bloom and/or its third party licensors. No one can use, distribute, reproduce, or sell any content on the website without the consent and authorisation of Just Bloom for commercial purposes. Just Bloom reserves the right to withdraw or modify any services without notice.


Product Description

Just Bloom will make every effort to ensure the images, content and product descriptions on our website are accurate and complete. However, we do not guarantee that all of them are always 100% accurate, complete, and up-to-date. Also, as flowers are subject to season and weather, we cannot fully guarantee the selection of flowers. All the flower arrangements by Just Bloom are handmade.The paper/pattern/style will be basically the same as the ones in pictures, but we cannot promise that everything will be exactly the same.

We will purchase the freshest and prettiest flowers of the season to design all arrangements. However, since flowers are natural plants, even the same kind of flowers will vary in different seasons. No single two flowers are exactly the same in size, shape, texture and colour. If you have any questions about the production, please ask us at the time of delivery. After confirming receipt of the flowers, the customers are responsible for the maintenance of flowers. We will not accept any problems regarding the products after the delivery day.

If you think the product provided by Just Bloom does not match its description, please refer to our return policy.


Notes on Flowers


  • Hydrangea is a special kind of flower. Its condition can be deteriorated (become soft and turn yellow) easily if one does not maintain it properly. Environmental impacts and wrong treatments such as lack of water, too much sun exposure, and incorrect stem pruning (hinder flowers from absorbing water) are considered as the customer’s improper maintenance. Under such circumstances, Just Bloom will not accept and take responsibility.

  • In addition, the colour principle of hydrangea is mainly affected by the relationship between soil acidity, alkalinity and aluminium (Al); the form of aluminium depends on the pH of the soil. So, although they belong to one breed, in the same colour, and from the same batch, hydrangeas will look differently in terms of appearance and colour. Sometimes mixed colours also appear. For example, during winter, light blue and light pink hydrangeas may contain certain degrees of green; light blue hydrangeas may have traces of light purple, while light purple may have been slightly blue or pink. Due to the magic of nature, we cannot control the colour and shade of every hydrangea, but of course there will not be huge differences, such as purple turning into blue, pink turning into red, or white turning into green.

Maintenance of Flowers

Just Bloom will not be responsible for any damage to the product, if the customers remove the packaging and manage the flowers themselves.


About the Crystal Balloon on the Flower Box

According to our website, the crystal balloon is not included in the production price. If you have any questions, please contact our customer service via WhatsApp. The customer will be responsible for their misinterpretation and purchase of the product diagram on the website.

Our experiments prove that balloons are not going to explode gratuitously. Please make sure the balloons are in good condition when you sign for them. If they blow up after the product is received, we can repair them for free once; but customers will bear the shipping fee, or can come to our shop to repair them.



We accept payment with Visa, MasterCard, and PayPal. By using the above payment methods, you acknowledge that you are the holder of such credit/transfer card or PayPal account, or are authorised to use the credit/transfer card or PayPal account. If your credit/ transfer card issuer refuses to authorise payment to Just Bloom, we will not be responsible for any delay or suspension of delivery. Our transaction process complies with the strict international security standards set by the payment card industry, giving you a safe and secure shopping experience. If you have registered our account and decide to store your credit card information with us, your information will be fully encrypted and kept securely on our system, which can only be used for processing the transactions you wish to make. In the absence of our negligence, we are not responsible for any loss you may have if any third party has unauthorised access to the information provided by you while using our services.


Modify and Adjust Ordered Goods

Please contact us to discuss any changes. If modification is possible, we will charge you for the replacement of flower materials.

Order Cancellation

In order to ensure the shortest possible time for the customers to receive their goods, we normally process orders immediately after payment, including material ordering, production, packaging and delivery. Therefore, customers cannot cancel orders after payment.


Return and Exchange policy

For in-store shopping There will be no return or exchange for any products purchased in the store. After purchase, we will assist the customer to check the product for any defects or damage, and replace or cancel the purchase immediately if any problem occurs. However, once the product leaves our store, it is neither refundable nor exchangeable.

  • Reasons for Return
    Except for problems related to product quality or caused by our mistakes, any problems caused by customers, third party companies, government agencies or other reasons, we will not consider them as reasonable reasons for return and have the right to reject such requests (* Note 1).

  • Cancellation Policy
    In order to provide the best service, customers can cancel their placed orders any time prior to payment. However, due to the nature of the products we are selling, we will not be able to cancel the order if the payment has been made. Once the flower materials have been prepared, the arrangements are in production, or the goods have been shipped, we cannot cancel the orders.

  • Refund Procedure
    A full refund will be made to the customer through the original payment method. The refund process will complete within 7-12 working days.
  1. a. Regarding problems caused by the customer's errors, including but not limited to the following:
    I. Customers order a product then find that they do not need it;
    II. Customers intend to give a gift, but realise that the recipient does not like the product after placing the order;
    III. Customers leave the wrong contact information, including telephone number, email address and shipping address, which makes it difficult for us to contact them in a timely manner, or send the goods to the wrong place.

  2. b. Problems caused by errors of third parties, including but not limited to the following:
    I. Damage to goods transported by a third-party delivery company or personnel;
    II. Delivery delays caused by a third party company or delivery personnel due to weather conditions or other unavoidable factors that hinder the goods to arrive on the specified date or time; II. Loss of goods by a third-party delivery company or personnel.

  3. c. Problems caused by other reasons, including but not limited to the following:
    I. The receiving party fails or refuses to sign for the goods;
    II. The receiver does not appear at the delivery time or address appointed by the sender;
    III. The receiver does not like the goods after receiving them; IV. The customer does not use our promotion code (if any) when placing an order. V. The cost of materials varies with the availability of goods, resulting in the change of prices.

In case any dispute, JUST BLOOM reserves the right final decision.