May The flowers be with you

Weekly Flower Subscription

Weekly fresh flower bouquet delivered to your doorstep, filling your life with warmth and vitality.

Amidst this concrete jungle, we actually need some flowers to add vitality to our lives.

Perhaps you think that flowers are only for special occasions like anniversaries or as gifts for someone special. However, in our daily lives, we don't have to limit ourselves to receiving flowers only on these days. In Europe, flowers are a natural part of everyday life. Flowers can also brighten up our ordinary days. That's why Just Bloom has launched a weekly flower proposal for daily living, allowing everyone to experience the warmth and unique beauty of a European-style bouquet. Every week, a gentle and distinctive bouquet is delivered straight to your door, bringing a different kind of warmth to your dull and boring life.

About Weekly Flower Subscription

The weekly flower subscription is named "May the Flowers be with you," inspired by the famous Hollywood movie, Star Wars. We took the phrase "May the Force be with you" and transformed it to fit our idea, "May the Flowers be with you." We hope that flowers can be a part of your life beyond just special occasions, becoming a daily habit. At the same time, we also hope that these beautiful flowers can accompany you through every moment of your life.

Four Key Features that Make it as Your Indispensable Life Partner:

Expertly crafted, weekly floral arrangements in elegant European style.

Our European-style floral arrangements are natural and artistic, with fresh and bold colors. Our professional florists carefully select and arrange each bouquet with creative and classic color schemes, using the best seasonal blooms for a different surprise every week.

Choose your preferred delivery method and frequency for receiving the flowers.

We offer two ways to receive flowers (pickup at store/delivery) and two subscription options (bi-weekly/monthly) so you can choose the best way to experience having flowers in your life.

We provide flower care instructions to ensure your flowers stay fresh and beautiful.

We will provide basic flower care instructions in the bag when delivering the flowers.

In addition to treating yourself, you can also send it to the people you care about the most.

Sending flowers to someone is also a way to show your love and care. We highly recommend subscribing to our weekly flower bouquet for a whole month to surprise and delight your loved one with a month full of romance!

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Weekly Special / Subscription