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Weekly Flower Subscription

Flower Subscription

May The flowers be with you

Weekly fresh flower bouquet delivered to your doorstep, filling your life with warmth and vitality.

In urban environments, flowers can bring vibrancy and life to our surroundings.

Flowers are not just for special occasions like anniversaries or gifts. In Europe, they are part of daily life, brightening ordinary days. Just Bloom offers a weekly flower proposal for a touch of European warmth and beauty.

About Flower Subscription

The flower subscription 'May the Flowers be with you' is inspired by the Hollywood movie Star Wars, transforming 'May the Force be with you' to our concept. We aim for flowers to enrich daily life, not just special occasions, supporting you through every moment.

Four Key Features that Make it as Your Indispensable Life Partner:

Carefully Curated

Each week introduces varied colors and styles, offering you a fresh visual experience.

Minimalist Style

With clean packaging and design, each flower stands out, both comfortable and natural.

Home's Best Choice

Every corner of your home comes alive with these blooms.

Light & Thoughtful Gift

Bringing a sense of simple yet significant ceremony to your loved ones.

Design Reference

Order today!

Order Today


To ensure you receive fresh and elegant floral arrangements each week, please review the following details:

Delivery Schedule: Available every Friday or Monday.
Delivery time slots: 10:00 AM - 2:00 PM & 2:00 PM - 6:00 PM

Rescheduling Policy: Should you need to reschedule your delivery, please notify us at least two days in advance.

First Order Benefit: As a token of our appreciation, your first order will include a complimentary vase.

Weekly Flower Design

  1. Our weekly flowers are curated without specific request for flower types, styles, or colours, ensuring a delightful surprise each week (If you have particular colour preferences, please inform us in advance and we will do our best accommodate).
  2. The flowers will be elegantly presented in simple, tasteful packaging, enhancing their natural beauty.

Should you have any questions or special requests, please feel free to contact us by email or whatsapp.

We look forward to delivering the finest floral experience to you.