About the Balloons

  1. The price on the website does not include crystal balloons. If needed, please purchase additional HKD$100. If you have any questions, please contact our customer service on whatsapp. The customer shall be solely responsible for the wrong interpretation and purchase of the product diagram on the website.

  2. What is a crystal balloon? A crystal balloon is a large transparent balloon in the picture. After our numerous tests, balloons will not explode for no reason. Thus, please check whether it is intact when signing for the package. If the balloons have burst after receiving, we can repair them once for free. Please bear the freight fee or come to the shop in person to repair.


Colour and Condition of Flowers

  1. Most of our flowers come from Ecuador or Netherlands.
  2. About Hydrangeas: Hydrangea is a special kind of flower. Its condition can deteriorate (become soft and turn yellow) easily if one does not take care of it properly. Environmental impacts and wrong treatments such as lack of water, too much sun exposure, and incorrect stem pruning (hinder flowers from absorbing water) are considered as the customer’s improper maintenance. Under such circumstances, Just Bloom will not accept and take responsibility. Also, the colour principle of hydrangea is mainly affected by the relationship between soil acidity, alkalinity and aluminum (Al); the form of aluminum depends on the pH of the soil. So, although they belong to one breed, in the same colour, and from the same batch,   hydrangeas will look differently in terms of appearance and colour. Sometimes mixed colours also appear. For example, during winter, light blue and light pink hydrangeas may contain certain degrees of green; light blue hydrangeas may have traces of light purple, while light purple may have been slightly blue or pink. Due to the magic of nature, we cannot control the colour and shade of every hydrangea, but of course there will not be huge   differences, such as purple turning into blue, pink turning into red, or white turning into green.

  3. Any light-colour flowers, such as white, pale pink, and pale purple, get defects more easily. You might see them having some green or light yellow on the edges, which is a normal phenomenon. Such a situation happens more often on light-pink coloured flowers. Therefore, we suggest perfectionists be aware of this situation, and try to avoid buying this colour type. Just Bloom will not accept any return due to the above reasons.


Changing Delivery Information or the Greeting Card Content

  1. Delivery information: please contact us at least 2 working days prior to the delivery time for any changes.
  2. Greeting card content: once you place an order, the card will be printed immediately and cannot be changed after printing. So if you have to change, you will need to purchase a new card. Please make sure the content of the card is complete and correct before placing an order.

When placing an order, we consider that you have read the above terms and conditions and agree to accept the risk. In the event of any dispute, JUST BLOOM reserves the right of final decision.