Whispers of the Moon: The Legend and Love of Mid-Autumn Festival

Chang'e and Hou Yi, the legendary lovers of Mid-Autumn Festival

The breeze caresses gently, and the moonlight flows like water. As autumn deepens, when you gaze up into the night sky, the radiant moon seems to whisper an ancient love tale. The Mid-Autumn Festival is more than just a holiday; it's intertwined with intricate emotions and legends.

This day, often referred to as the 'Mid-Autumn Day (仲秋節)', has been a time of celebration and gratitude since ancient times. Immersed in the joy of the harvest, people give thanks to nature's generosity, longing for family reunions, and savoring that unique warmth.

Behind it all lies a touching legend. Chang'e ascended to the moon to protect an elixir, separating forever from her beloved Hou Yi. Their feelings and longing, under this luminous moonlight, become an eternal memory.

For this very reason, the Mid-Autumn Festival is not merely a date on the calendar. It symbolizes love, family, and blessings.

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