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Bridal Bouquets

Every romantic wedding is not complete without the bride's bouquet, which attracts much attention along with the newlyweds, diamond rings, and wedding dresses. The bride's bouquet and the groom's boutonniere are not only dazzling ornaments but also symbols of luck and messengers of happiness. When the bride throws her bouquet to her unmarried girlfriends, it represents passing on the sweetness and happiness to others.

Just Bloom offers a variety of designs, ranging from round bouquets to European-style arrangements, available in a wide range of colors. The following are our package details and other terms and conditions:

Package includes

Special Flowers

Extra $200 charge will apply on special flowers such as:

Peony / Garden Rose / Calla Lily / Anemone/ Dahlia / Protea King or Queen/ Succulent Plant / Dutch Ranunculus / Orchids / Lilac

Extra items

Boutonniere $108/each
Wrist $128/each
Headdress Flower $250
Thank You Bouquet $800/each
8"- 9" Full Rose Bouquet$1500/each
5"- 6" Simple Bridesmaid Bouquet $300 - $500/each
Wedding Flower Car Decoration (Including 4 door handles) $3000
Custom Design please contact us for quotation.


Most of the flowers are from Ecuador & Holland.

All floral products are Hand made.

Floral product need to be pick up a night before big day at Just Bloom; or delivery can be arranged, additional cost will be charged.