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Flower stand Dimension is 185cm (H) approx. With a height of around 185cm, our Flower stand ensures that your flowers are showcased at the perfect eye level for maximum impact With a height of around 185cm, our Flower stand elevates your floral arrangements to create a stunning visual effect.

About Congratulatory message board

The opening stand includes a laminated congratulatory message board, you can customise the design and wording. The default format is as

  1. Recipient name
  2. Congratulatory message
  3. Sender name
Customise and Urgent Orders
  • *If you want to customize a flower stand, please whatsapp us for inquiries.
  • To maintain the quality of the flower stand, please place your order 2 working days in advance to ensure availability. For urgent orders, please kindly send us your inquiry via Whatsapp.
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Try our bespoke service today! Our professional florists will apply their most expertise, using seasonal floral materials, mixing with special and rare co-flowers to create a product for you. This service can satisfy your requirements for flower material and design.

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